Brand Development

Brand Development

A core value to hang your hat on.

A core value

If you polled five of your employees and asked them the one key value of your organization, would the answers be the same, or all different? 
And, that’s your employees. Think about it from the prospect’s perspective…there are key elements to brand development that cannot be over looked, regardless of the quality of your product or service.

Successful brands are built on one core value you can hang your hat on. It’s what got you into business to start with – or why you have decided to pursue a mission. Too many organizations try to be everything to everyone and in the process, lose their identity.

Vintage Juice works with executives to help them articulate what they already possess, but 9 times out of 10 – just aren’t saying. We parlay that key value proposition into a brand that stands out – and leap frogs the competition.

Brand Development Process:
  • Discovery – Interview key executives and clients
  • Objective Analysis – Independent competitive research, target audience research and SWOT
  • Brand Development Workshop – Persona development and refinement of your story. This process includes running it through the lenses of:
    • Competitors’ messaging
    • The real needs of your audience
    • Your Why?/Values
    • True differentiators
  • Distinct messaging is developed for web/marketing, as well as the marketing approach that resonates with the most profitable target audiences
Brand Elements:
  • Key Value Proposition (KVP)
  • Corporate Key Message
  • Name/tagline (yes, this comes 3rd)
  • Product/Services Key Messaging
  • About Copy
  • Marketing Approach


2 weeks prior to workshop – Q&A w/ Executives, Interview Clients/Prospects, Competitive Analysis

Brand Development Workshop – 2-3 hours

Messaging & Marketing Approach finalized within one week after brand development workshop.

Industry Focus:  Underground Infrastructure, Technology, Professional and Financial Services, Non-profits and Associations.