Email Marketing

Email Marketing

80/20 – The Golden Rule of Email

80/20 – The Golden Rule of Email Marketing.

How often do you send out a HTML e-newsletter to your database of customers and prospects? Hopefully once a month? Is it packed full of interesting, exciting, new information about your industry or region? It should be. 80% of your content should be“value-add” and only 20% promotional.

Vintage Juice Brand Marketing designs, writes and blasts your newsletter with a goal of achieving at least a 25% open rate. But, we have been known to get up to a 40+% open rate for our clients. We manage your database for opt outs, and are very careful not to send content that will blacklist your email.

There is an art to success with a corporate newsletter. Second only to the “golden rule” mentioned above, the subject is the next most important consideration – it can make or break an open rate.

Are your pictures clear and eye catching? Do you have the right balance of graphics and text? Are you linking to your social media? What is your click through-rate? Open rate?

Bottom line? The e-newsletter is a very powerful marketing tool for your business, make sure your approach is strategic.