Time and time again we hear (from prospective clients): “I’ve spent a ton of money on advertising, it just doesn’t work! How can I communicate my message and increase sales?”

Solution? Advertising may or may not be the solution. The key? It should not be done in a silo, it has to be supported with social media, public relations, events, customer service excellence and direct marketing.

A well-developed print or digital ad needs to capture attention, have succinct, easy-to-understand copy, and contain imagery that resonates with the reader. Most of all, it must be memorable. Our ad campaigns jump off the page, helping your message stand out in a sea of predictability.

Targeted message to a targeted audience. In addition to stellar creative, know your audience. For example, we place ads for Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) materials in publications that are read by contractors in the underground infrastructure industry –  and only in those publications that have solid content that provides the audience true value.

Need More Juice?

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