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Direct Marketing

If done cleverly, direct marketing is very effective in the digital era.

From fabulous get-noticed jumbo post cards to dimensional mailings we concept, design, write and help you target the message to a curated target audience.


Financial Services Case Study

Need: The President of a financial services firm wanted to recruit high-performing financial managers. Recruitment calls are a common occurrence weekly, if not daily to financial managers.

Audience: Financial managers who lived close to the financial service firms office, but commuted into the city every day.

Solution: Wow them with a dimensional mailing (boxes get opened!). Outside packaging included a clever round, yellow sticker (see image below), that played off the gift and a major pain point of the audience.


The gift – advice on how to advance their career (The Tipping Point book on CD to listen to during their long commute) and a creative marketing piece that convinces them the opportunity for career advancement is real with this financial services company.  

Step 2, Call them.  They are much more opt to take the call, or return it after receiving a smart, creative gift.

Result: Client had a dinner meeting with over 50% of those who received the direct mail piece.

Secret Sauce: Understanding their biggest pain point was their commute. We creatively incorporated that into the message and gift.

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