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Public Relations

Vintage Juice approaches PR strategically. We don’t believe in investing in a huge database, writing multiple press releases, submitting it to all and crossing our fingers hoping that something we throw up against the wall sticks and gets you some press.

PR is about relationships. It is also about getting to know what reporters/writers/bloggers value and how they like to receive information. Most importantly, it is about pitching when you have something of worth to pitch. If we are doing our job building relationships, editors often reach out to us for a feature story. Case in point featured here! Our client featured on the cover of the go-to publication for underground infrastructure.

What is worth pitching? Litmus test: if you are watching or listening to your favorite broadcast station, or reading your favorite print or online publication, what would stand out to you? What would get your attention, what would you enjoy reading? Often it is something unusual, something that will pull on your heartstrings, make you mad or make you happy.

We work with clients to develop offerings that are distinct and press worthy. Only then do we pitch the reporter (yes, sometimes it is just one reporter or writer we pitch) that would more than likely be thrilled to write about the offering. It takes a distinct offering, creativity and a strategic PR partner with good relationships to get “ink”.

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