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Trade Show Marketing

Reach your prospective customers BEFORE they arrive at the trade show, engage them creatively while they are there and motivate them to want to continue the conversation after the show.

Your trade show booth design is just the beginning of what makes a successful show. Sure, it needs to stand out, but what happens once you get them there? What happened before you got them there? How are you going to motivate them to follow your business on Twitter, connect on LinkedIn? Most importantly, does the pre-, during- and after-show marketing efforts communicate your distinction and the benefits of your offering?

When Vintage Juice Brand Marketing designs a booth, the focus is first and foremost on all the other opportunities for marketing available in the weeks leading up to the show, at the show and follow up. Once we develop your marketing plan for the show, then the theme, the design, the give-aways come naturally. This theme is integrated into all marketing efforts to bring you the ROI you need and expect.

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