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Spinning Your Wheels

Advertising, Social Media, Direct Marketing, PR, SEO
…Spinning your wheels?

Don’t know where to start? Request a complimentary
30-minute marketing review of your business.


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“You cannot bore people into buying your product; you can only interest them in buying it.”

-David Ogilvy

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Get A lot Out of

Want MORE juice out of your marketing?

Vintage Juice’s Brand-Centered Marketing will fine tune WHAT you say, to WHO, and HOW.
Achieve better results – often for less than you are spending (wasting) now!

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Best in Class

Juice – Bearing Fruit, Results.

Vintage Juice was created by Heidi O’Leska in 2003. Her passion for creating brands that answer the question “What’s In It for Me?”and developing marketing strategies that bring results for her clients is the key to her business success. Heidi and her team strive to bear fruit – every day.

More About The Team

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“Unless your campaign contains a Big Idea, it will pass like a ship in the night.”

-David Ogilvy

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Parallax Presentation

Heidi O’Leska

Branding & Marketing Strategist

(and often found gigging @ Honky Tonks in her spare time)

Learn how to bear the most fruit for your business. Heidi leads interactive workshops at your office including: Marketing Audits, Messaging & Positioning and Social Media Strategies.


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Christian-owned Business?
Want to express your faith in a real and meaningful way to a world that is increasingly more and more diverse,
and dare we say, less tolerant? Covert vs. Overt? How much is too much? Too little?

Learn how

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more juice?

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