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Online Presence: Trade Show, Networking Event & Cocktail Party Wrapped into One

As we look to 2021, anticipating what the future holds for us personally, socially and in business, one thing is for sure for business, more than ever before  – the importance of the brand online and leveraging online marketing.

Here are a few suggestions to help fine tune your online presence and marketing:

  • Google” your business.  It’s always good to check in every month or so, by putting the name of your business in Google (not your URL) and seeing what others see when they google your business name. Read all the descriptors for each page of your website that appears. Social media accounts should appear as well. Are all descriptors up to date? If there are reviews for your business, are there any you haven’t responded to? Whether a great review, or not so good, it is a good practice to stay engaged with consumers that take the time to review your business – not only to build a loyal client base, but, prospects who are reading reviews, take notice when a business cares enough to respond.
  • LinkedIn is the new trade show, networking event and cocktail party wrapped into one! If you are a #B2B organization or Non-Profit, this is your most important tool for marketing. In addition to making sure the LI company page is up to date with any new services or products, don’t neglect your personal profile. LI is where B2B purchasers go to research their options. The executives and team that go along with those services or products are as important, if not more, than the company page. A few pointers:
    • Headshot – Should be current, professional attire, and one-color background. Not a social shot with someone’s arm around your neck.
    • Headline – When a search is done on LI for people, the results show headshot and headline. Make sure the headline catches their attention. What not to have is your title, that is easily found in About and Experience. What should be found is a succinct one liner that tells them what you do, a differentiator.
    • Experience – Make the most of it, fill up the descriptor with terms your audience uses to find your businesses’ products or services. LI is the #1 search engine for B2B products and services.
    • POST, REACT, ENGAGE like you would if you were at an event or tradeshow. When posting, post content of value to build trust. The focus should be 80% value-add to build relationships. Most people don’t want to be sold to.

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