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If Disney can’t get its messaging right…

“Disneyland.” “The Happiest place on earth…?”

1992 – Disney opens Disneyland Paris, their first theme park in Europe. They advertised how amazing the rides were, they sold the roller coasters as thrill rides…  But when the thrill seekers showed up to the park, they left pretty disappointed.

Have you been to It’s a Small World…?

phone-1160876_640When the park was at the brink of closing, they realized what their problem was.

It wasn’t the park.

It wasn’t the market.

It was the offer.

They’d been trying to sell the park as a thrill-seekers paradise…  And forgotten that people don’t go to Disneyland for the rides.

They go for the Disney Magic.  They go for the experience they can have when they’re in the park. The wonder and awe a child has when they meet their favorite character.  So they changed the “offer,” and customers flocked back to the park.

Disney parks alone are a $15 BILLION per year industry. And if THEY need to focus on getting their offer right, how much more important is it for YOU to make sure you get your offer right the first time? More importantly, your messaging about your brand from the start?


Thank you Zach Johnson from for the story!