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Brand Development – Don’t put the cart before the horse…

90% of clients that need a brand developed, have their minds made up on their name and general design of their logo before we ever meet. You might think, well, sure, that makes sense, it is their passion and talents, who better to come up with a name and logo for their business? Glad you asked:

  • An objective team made of a marketing strategist and creative director that understand how hard it is to cut through the clutter.
  • A team with years of experience creating brands that get noticed and bring results.
  • A team that recognizes – despite the clients protest that they do NOT have any competition – they in fact do, and quite a LOT.
  • A team that has witnessed client-driven names/logos/messaging crash and burn, because no matter how much the client loves her/his grandmother and her unique name,  no
    one can pronounce it, and it just makes no sense to name their fabulous new software package that will revolutionize how cars get sold online, Jezebel. (all names and products have been changed to protect the innocent).
  • A marketing strategist that knows how to ask the right questions of the client, to pull out of them the true value of their brand, their heart, their passion for what they are doing. Why they are creating this new business, who they want to help. All key to a strong brand.
  • A marketing strategist that researches and reveals to the client what competitors are saying about their similar offering, and the HUGE ah hah in the market that is missing, and how the client’s offering (the heart of their offering, their passion), if communicated properly will fill that gap, and leap frog the competition.
  • A marketing strategist that asks the questions that are needed to determine the needs and desires of the most profitable target audiences and develops personas that are the go to in all branding and marketing efforts.
  • A marketing strategist that understands the value of market research – surveys, focus groups, client or prospect interviews, stakeholder interviews, to determine if the new product or service is actually of value to the target audience.
  • A facilitator that is able to communicate to the client the findings and analysis in a clear and precise way to fine tune the product or service offering if need be and develop the marketing messages that will resonate with the target audiences (aka brand platform).

With the brand platform finalized, let the naming and then logo design begin! While it does take a lot of creativity – with the brand platform as the basis –  the result will be a name and logo that truly resonates with its most profitable target audience.

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