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B2B Branding & Marketing – Digital Transformation Effects More Than IT

As digital transformation disrupts how most companies do business e.g., forcing major technology changes, new business processes and new challenges for HR – it’s imperative that the brand and marketing succinctly and boldly communicates these changes – whether B2B or B2C Branding and Marketing.

A few brand related questions to consider as you invest in new technologies, processes and people to stay ahead of the competition, better serve your customers and improve communication between all stakeholders :

  1. Does your current brand reflect the benefits of the new and improved business? Ask your customers, ask an outsider.
  2. Have you determined the primary (most profitable) target audience that will benefit?
  3. What is your marketing plan to introduce the new offering to that audience – current clients/customers as well as inactive clients that might return?
  4. What new audiences will your brand now resonate with ?
  5. If one of the new audiences are Millennials, they are researchers, want all information before making a purchase decision. Do you have a mobile website or better yet, a mobile app to provide that information to them?
  6. Does your brand appeal to them? A smart daring message and sharp graphics?
  7. How are your competitors communicating changes to their infrastructure? Better yet, what aren’t they saying? There’s your opportunity.
  8. What new marketing opportunities does this digital age provide?
  9. Is your website optimized for the new offering – i.e., content and search engine optimization?

Change isn’t a bad thing…

In answering the above questions, you might determine your logo, tagline, key messaging no longer supports your new approach. Don’t think of it as hurdle, it’s the perfect opportunity to relaunch your brand to current customers, gives you a real reason to contact them and introduce your new and improved level of service. And, it adds substance to reaching out to media. A rebrand forces executives to come together and articulate key differentiators, how to communicate the benefit of them, and identify new marketing tools to reach new audiences.

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